The Role of the Media in Preserving Local Culture (A Phenomenographic Study of Rentak Ulu Melayu in TVRI Programs in the Era of Transformation and Globalization)


  • Ratu Mutialela Caropeboka Universitas Bina Darma
  • Sherin Arini Universitas Bina Dharma
  • Suharto Suharto Universitas Bina Dharma
  • Desy Misnawati Universitas Bina Dharma



strategy, marketing communications and branding


The purpose of this study is to analyze the role of digital communication in the existence of South Sumatran cultural traditions in introducing local culture, analyzing cultural influences, and proving the role of South Sumatran culturalists in preserving local culture in the era of transformation and globalization. According to Yousefikhah (2017), social constructions of technology (ScoT) provide an understanding of the experience and construction of using technology as the subject of innovation. The method used is a qualitative method, a phenomenological approach. Observation data, interviews, and literature studies were collected from three informants: cultural, event, and community leaders. The results show that the upstream Malay rentak broadcast program, it is a broadcast that is packaged to provide education in getting to know local culture in South Sumatra, maintaining local culture, and fostering the love of the younger generation for a local culture so that they can become preservers of local wisdom.