Communication Ethics in the World of Digital Media


  • Maria Ulfa Batoebara Universitas Dharmawangsa
  • Muya syaroh Iwanda Lubis Universitas Dharmawangsa



Ethics, Communication, Digital Media


Social media is a medium for interconnecting and because it happens online, people can interact with each other without being restricted by space or time. Social media eliminates human boundaries for social, space and time limits on this social media. People can communicate with each other anytime, anywhere. Indonesian society is in the digital age, and the use  of the Internet as an information and communication technology is inseparable from the aspect of life. Changes in thinking and behavior make it easier for people to use digital technology platforms that provide interactive information. The importance of communication ethics in digital media to control emotions and respect the privacy of others. So speak good and polite words and don't use harsh and Keywords: Ethics, Communication, Digital Mediaprovocative pornography or Sarah's words.