Credibility of Opinion Leader, Attractiveness of Message and Online Media Towards Implementation of Child Vaccination


  • Lasmery RM Girsang Universitas Bunda Mulia
  • Ilona Vicenovie Oisina Situmeang Universitas Persada Indonesia



Opinion Leader, Message, Media, Vaccine, Source Credibility Theory


This research is aimed to see the relations among variables: opinion leader credibility, attractiveness of message, online media towards the implementation of child vaccination done in Jakarta. After finishing the vaccination program to adults, then children were equipped by the government to be vaccinated soon, with some regulations. However, the problem began to occur such as reluctance of parents to bring their children to be vaccinated. Hence, the government tried to reach the target by using opinion leaders and also the media. By running a mix-method, this research implied quantitative and qualitative methods. Firstly, the questionnaires were spread to respondents, parents of children aged 6-11 years, located in North Jakarta. By applying Source Credibility Theory, the results showed that all variables were valid and reliable. Then, an in-depth interview was done with the doctor as an informant to get confirmation from the results. As a conclusion, there’s an influence between all variables.