Digital Promotion Strategy for the Smart Literacy Box Program (KOLECER) (Case Study on the Smart Literacy Box at the Regional Library and Archives Service of West Java Province)


  • Gustiana Sabarina Jakarta Veterans National Development University
  • Siti Maryam Jakarta Veterans National Development University



Digital Promotion, Program, Smart Literacy Box


This research is entitled "Digital Promotion Strategy for the Kolecer Program (Smart Literacy Box) (Case Study at the Office of the Library and Archives of West Java Province)". This study aims to determine the background of the program, the planning process for the promotion of the program and the promotion process for the Kolecer (Smart Literacy Box) program. This research uses a case study method, data collection is carried out through in-depth interviews, observation and documentation studies. Based on the research results, it is known that the Smart Literacy Box is the result of an evaluation of a similar program that was initiated by the previous Mayor of Bandung, who is now the Governor of West Java, Ridwan Kamil which was launched as a 100-day program for the elected West Java Governor in coordination with the Regional Library and Archives Service. West Java province. Digital promotion activities carried out in the form of promotions through social media, such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, then in collaboration with various parties, for example synergizing with mobile libraries, holding storytelling activities, book reviews, making pins and posters, direct socialization to the community, making proposals for the progress of the smart literacy box work program, and outreach to the Community Reading Park.