Young Generation Media Literacy on Utilization of Online News Media


  • Eda Elysia University of Perintis Indonesia
  • Mishbah El Yaser Andalas University



Millennials, Generation Z, Media Literacy,


Current communication technology supports the flow of information exchange. For those who can take advantage of communication technology, are also those who can play the role of producers, consumers, distributors to information manipulators. The fast flow of information delivery is feared by readers who are unable to distinguish between factual news and hoaxes. This can be anticipated by being equipped with media literacy skills. Currently, the younger generation (millennials and Generation Z) are those who are predominantly consumers of digital information. They are the ones who take advantage of the use of internet-based communication technology, especially in obtaining information. However, the problem is that Indonesia's literacy level is fairly low. Detikcom asa pioneer of online news media in Indonesiahas contributed to delivering news for news readers. However, there are still many who have not maximized the use of detikcom as a reference source for reading, especially for the younger generation. The purpose of this study is to determine the media literacy carried out by young towards the use of the application or site. This study uses qualitative research methods with a case study approach and detikcom as the object of research. The results of this study concluded that readers from the younger generation have adopted a media literacy attitude as a provision to face the fast flow of information. The media literacy they do on as a news source has met the stages of access, understanding, and analysis, but not at the production stage.