Mixing and Matching the ELM Concept with the Success of the Ciliwung River Naturalization Program


  • Dwi Rini Sovia Firdaus Pakuan University




Ciliwung River naturalization program, community awareness, ELM theory, environmental friendly, water pollution. 


Even though ELM theory is commonly used for marketing communication research, especially regarding consumer behavior, this research can explain the effect of the central route and peripheral route thinking paths of ELM theory toward four levels of awareness to the environment.  The persuasive efforts of the socialization of the Ciliwung River naturalization program give influence on people’s awareness.  People who process messages using the central route are those who process the core message such as the danger of waste to the environment and how to solve the waste problem. Those who use peripheral routes just follow along and there is no change in attitude.  Autonomous has the highest average score compared to other indicators. This shows that many people are starting to be aware of being environmentally friendly and this awareness comes from within themselves not because of compulsion.