Marketing Communication Strategy of Padang Bindu Village (Descriptive Analysis of Destination Branding Tourism Objects Goa Putri and Goa Harimau)


  • Bahrul Adian Bina Darma University
  • Fathur Rahman Bina Darma University
  • Alisya Maharani Bina Darma University
  • Desy Misnawati Bina Darma University



strategy, marketing communication, branding


The purpose of this research is to create tourist items in the village of Padang Bindu, Semidang Aji District, Ogan Komering Ulu, to aid in the preservation of national culture and the environment. However, tourist arrivals remain very modest and have not increased. Researchers are attempting to determine how Padang Bindu Village's marketing communication plan is implemented. Researchers employ destination branding theory in order to establish the brand (branding) of this tour. The researchers used a qualitative descriptive methodology in this study. The information was gathered through observations, documentation, and interviews with marketing and tourism destination development experts, youth leaders, village chiefs, and cultural leaders in Padang Bindu Village. The findings revealed that the strategic plan implemented by the Padang Bindu Village Village Head, the local community, and the government in marketing the Padang Bindu Tourism Village was carried out in three (three) stages, namely conducting research and mapping, planning activities, and publishing. The results of Padang Bindu Village's marketing communication strategy research have revealed underutilized outcomes, as seen by an increase in the number of tourist visits to Padang Bindu Village as a result of government and private sector activities. The local community situation is still problematic.