Marketing Communication Strategy in Promoting Graduates Vocational Tourism School to Graduates Users.


  • Abdul Waris Raden Fatah State Islamic University, Palembang



Strategy Marketing Communication, Graduates, Users


This research was conducted by observing the communication marketing strategy used at SMK Negeri 6 Palembang in marketing graduates to graduate users. The graduates who are the focus of this research are Human Resources (HR) in Tourism with a major in Hospitality and Restaurant. The research approach used is a qualitative study by directly observing and interviewing relevant parties, and taking data available in the field. The communication strategy used by SMK Negeri 6 Palembang takes into account the 4p (Product, Price, Place, and Promotion) elements from the producer's point of view and the 4c (Consumer, Cost, Convenience, and Communication) elements from the consumer's point of view. SMK Negeri 6 Palembang directly involves consumers (graduate users), and the tourism industry in creating quality graduates (Tourism Human Resources). The results of the study show the benefits of each party, both from SMK Negeri 6 Palembang and from the Tourism Industry. SMK Negeri 6 Palembang easily creates Tourism HR by following the needs and standards of the industry because they are accompanied by the Industry. Meanwhile, the tourism industry easily recruits human resources for tourism to be placed in departments that match the qualification needs of the tourism industry, both nationally and internationally.