Praktek Ngulat tipat pada siswa pasraman sebagai Implementasi ajaran Tri Kerangka Dasar Agama Hindu


  • Ni Wayan Ria Lestari Institut Agama Hindu Negeri Gde Pudja Mataram
  • Sri Sofiana Amni Institut Agama Hindu Negeri Gde Pudja Mataram


Practice, Tipat, Three Basic Frameworks


The aim of this community service activity is to provide pasraman students with an understanding of the three basic frameworks of Hinduism. The Three Basic Frameworks of Hinduism are the foundation for Hindus to achieve harmony consisting of philosophy (Tattwa), Ethics (Susila) and rituals (Events). This is the background to the implementation of community service at Pasraman Santi Aji, Kembang Sari Hamlet, Plampang District, Sumbawa Regency. This community service is carried out by providing theory and practice of tipat weaving skills to pasraman students. Nowadays, there are still many young Hindu generations who do not understand the types and uses of tipat in yadnya ceremonies. In the learning process at the pasraman itself, the students have been taught and are able to make several types of tipat, but they don't yet understand the name and use. So that the practice of making tipat further strengthens their skills and deepens their knowledge about the use of tipat as a means of upakara. The method used in the practice of making tipats is a method of direct guidance and training and emphasizes the process of implementation to evaluation of activities. Through this article, it is a form of implementation of the knowledge gained from the learning process and expressed in service activities that are based on the teachings of Hindu religious education and can provide a comprehensive picture related to the implementation of the practice of making tipat as an implementation of the teachings of the three basic frameworks of Hinduism and can be reference for future researchers.






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