Perancangan Kreatif Visual Branding Susu Kambing Lek Dodo Sebagai Media Pembentukan Brand Image


  • Astri Wulandari Telkom University
  • Chairunnisa Widya Priastuty Telkom University
  • Catur Nugroho Telkom University


design, visual branding, lek dodo goat milk, brand image


Brand image is a representation of the audience's perception of the brand, starting from the visible product identity to the communication process with the audience. Behind the potential of its product, Lek Dodo Goat Milk requires a visual branding strategy that is able to form a comprehensive brand image. Instagram social media was chosen as a medium that can be reached by Lek Dodo Goat Milk at this time to form a brand image. In the previous marketing strategy, Lek Dodo Goat Milk had designed a packaging labeling strategy as a marketing tool so that the design of visual branding through Instagram was expected to be able to form a brand image and reach a wider audience in terms of communication and marketing. The selection of template designs for Instagram content feeds and the use of other features will adjust to the product identity criteria and target audience. The results obtained are in the form of designing creative visual branding designs, providing and confirming product identity. With this creative content, Lek Dodo Goat Milk can utilize and form virtual networks as development, product marketing existence and of course will focus on brand image formation.






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