Komunikasi Inklusif Bagi Kader Posyandu Dalam Menjalankan Perannya Sebagai Penggerak dan Penyuluh Masyarakat


  • Sinta Swastikawara Universitas Brawijaya
  • Yun Fitrahyati Laturrakhmi Universitas Brawijaya


inclusive communication, disability awareness, Posyandu Cadres


The understanding of disability awareness is not only the focus of disability advocates but also one of the priorities for the community, including Posyandu Cadres. Referring to Law number 8 of 2016, fulfilling the rights people with disabilities related to accessibility to helath information at the Posyandu level should also be one of the needs of the disability community. Therefore, inclusive communication as a manifestation of information accessibility is a concern for Posyandu Cadres. Based on field data, it was found that Posyandu Cadres still often use the term “impairment/defective” rather than “disability” or “difable” when reffering to disability conditions. In fact, Posyandu Cadres still do not fully understand the differences and the negative connotations associated with the use of the term “impairment/defective”. Furthemore, from the result of literacy related to disability awareness, Posyandu Cadres now understand the difference between the terms “impairment/defective” and “disability”. In addition, through role-playing activities where Posyandu Cadres practice basic inclusive communication etiquette with people with disabilities, it is hoped that they can have a foundational undertanding when providing servives to people with disabilities. In conclusion, understanding disability awareness and implementing inclusive communication among Posyandu Cadres can serve as a foundation for them to provide friendly services to people with disabilities.   







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