Analisis Wacana Di Dalam Melihat Hubungan Antara Media, Politik, dan Key Opinion Leaders (KOL)


  • Rostamaji Korniawan Kementerian Keuangan


Media, KOL, Politics, and Discourse Analysis.


Several Key Opinion Leaders (KOL) have become a trusted resource by some media to provide their opinions regarding the current problems, either from a positive or negative standpoint. The tendency of critical statements, in general, is always aimed at government policies. Political factors are considered one of the triggers why KOL delivers its critical opinions. Therefore, this study was made to look at the relationship between KOL, the media, and politics on specific issues. The study uses critical discourse analysis with Konicki’s framing analysis model. Meanwhile, the research limits are aimed at the scope of sensitive issues that are related to the work program and policies of the Ministry of Finance, particularly the issue of debt. Data collected from media was obtained from January to July 2022. The results show that KOLs who convey critical opinions do not always become members of specific political communities. However, every KOL, independent or related to particular politics, still has his point of view to participate in the cycle of social-economic change in which the political system will also be involved. Meanwhile, critical discourses written by the media also see that the media are indirectly involved in debate subjects involving government policies and developing political issues.






Komunikasi, Literasi Digital, Manajemen Risiko, dan Pemulihan Ekonomi Global