Peningkatan Literasi Digital Lewat Pendampingan Penulisan untuk Website Official dan Wisata Desa Carangwulung


  • Dinda Lisna Amilia Universitas 17 Agustus 1945, Surabaya
  • Amalia Nurul Muthmainnah Universitas 17 Agustus 1945, Surabaya


Digital Literation; Village Promotion; Village Website


Carangwulung Village in Jombang is one of the assisted villages of the Universitas 17 Agustus 1945  Surabaya which is developing its tourism potential through the Dusun Adat Segunung. As a means of promotion and education, there are two websites that will be used to disseminate information related to promotions and to spread the values of Dusun Adat Wisata; those are the official website of the village from the government and a special promotion website that was recently made. Unfortunately, human resources are limited. Both in the number of news and the variety of types of news per se. Therefore, mentoring activities will be carried out in order to improve the understanding of digital literacy for human resources who are in charge to take care on the website. This is done through some stages, consisting of mapping of human resources, socialization of digital literacy to the organizers of official websites and tourist websites, and socialization of digital literacy to the Carangwulung Village community targeting civilians. Because the success of the community in developing the tourism potential of the Dusun Adat Wisata Segunung Carangwulung also depends on the understanding and active participation of the community in managing information. The series of mapping and socialization activities are expected to bring website organizers and the community to independence in mapping out what kind of news and content they need on official websites and tourism websites.






Komunikasi, Literasi Digital, Manajemen Risiko, dan Pemulihan Ekonomi Global